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we praise men for the most trivial shit like “omg he buys you pads and chocolate!!!! hubby material!!!” 


Also this sort of attitude makes it seem like doing this sort of thing is a plus but not needed. It teaches girls that they’re lucky to be treated well by men, rather than teaching them that they deserve it.


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The only plus side to Zayne’s stuffy nose is that it keeps him from suckling. He only drinks to fill his tummy and then he’s done. He spends 3 minutes instead of 10-15.

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From now on, on resumes, under: Hobbies/Talents, I’m going to write, “eating copious amounts of ice cream”.

I was supposed to get married yesterday/:

mommyirreplaceable same here! But with a tight on money as we are at the moment, I can’t justify it): Blegh.
I need that lip gloss in my life. Lol. $20 isn’t a lot of money but it’s a lot of money for something small/:
Maybe that’s what I’ll ask for for Christmas. My MIL always asks me what I want and I hate asking for gifts so I tell her nothing and she gets me something anyways, haha. I guess I can ask her for that.

I just want the black velvet velvetine matte lip gloss from Lime Crime but it’s $20.

Lupe came home from work early cuz he’s sick which for me all excited to have him home but he’s sleeping in bed so it’s basically like he’s not here so I’m sad):

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