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Zayne is snuggled up on Lupe, out cold. He went to sleep without being nursed to sleep. My poor baby, he’s teething bad, he keeps shoving his hands in his mouth. I want to take his pain away, make it my pain.

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If you’re a babywearing/cosleeping/breastfeeding/clothdiapering/blah blah blah parent you should reblog this


Ok :)

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I have two, nasty, painful, monster zits that need to die. They’re no where near close enough to pop and they hurt like no other.
Why is acne a thing?

Zayne likes it when you nibble his ears cuz it tickles.
“You like when I nibble your ears, you little freak.”
Why the fuck would you sexualize ANYTHING about a CHILD???!!!!
What. Is. Wrong. With. You?!?!!!

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Sleep nursing gets dangerous when they sleep chomp down on your nipple. Frick.

"Be glad you don’t have a girl, they cry more."
Shut the fuck up. Girls do not cry more. Are you stupid? You must be stupid.

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I’m really shaky and weak. I’ve only eaten once today so that probably explains it but I’m not hungry add I don’t like eating if I’m not hungry, makes me bloated and uncomfortable.

Kiddo is down for nap number two. He hasn’t taken a second nap in quite some time.